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My goal is to adopt a positive perspective on all life events (good and bad,) and share my experiences in a way that encourage others to reach their full potential in life. I mainly write for moms, wives, sisters, & daughters (because I am all of those,) but my blog is really for anyone looking for weekly pick me ups from the unfiltered mind of a life enthusiast. 

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Everything about being a wife & mother
Posts that encourage women to step up and step out in their faith.
Things that I find inspirational in my day to day life (articles, blogs, books, products, people, etc.)
...and every once in a while, political shenanigans.  





I am a stay-at-home-wife and mom. I have 3 beautiful girls and a loving husband who has encouraged me to embark into the blogging world. I have an amazing God who has allowed me to enter into this journey of life and for that I will be forever thankful. I hope you find my blogs on Virtually J worth reading and remember to ‘Live, Love and Learn’

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